As a plant-based Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist, I am available to provide evidence-based advice regarding vegan and vegetarian diets.  

All requests can be submitted via the contact form available on the Contact page. 

Please see below for recent samples of media commentary: 

July 2017
'She eats plants, he wants meat - can this relationship work? 
Sydney Morning Herald

March 2017
'Hemp food could soon be part of your weekly shop'
SBS (online) 











February 2017
Nourish Magazine
Is Raw Really More?
















June/July 2016
Natural Vegan magazine
Special Report: 'Raw v. cooked' vegan diets















June/July 2016
Natural Vegan magazine
Special Report: 'Protein Faux Pas' - Interview with David Godling














February 2015
The Age / Sydney Morning Herald
'Vegan food is popular, but how easy is it to change your diet?' - Interview with Paula Goodyer